Task Management

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How it Works

Creative activities pertain to task creation. In context, these should allow for task planning, brainstorming, creation, elaboration, clarification, organization, reduction, targeting and preliminary prioritization.

Functional activities pertain to personnel, sales, quality or other management areas, for the ultimate purpose of ensuring production of final goods and services for delivery to customers. In context these should allow for planning, reporting, tracking, prioritizing, configuring, delegating, and managing of tasks.

Project activities pertain to planning and time and costs reporting. These can encompass multiple functional activities but are always greater and more purposeful than the sum of its parts. In context project activities should allow for project task breakdown, task allocation, inventory across projects, and concurrent access to task databases.

Service activities pertain to client and internal company services provision, including customer relationship management and knowledge management. In context these should allow for file attachment and links to tasks, document management, access rights management, inventory of client & employee records, orders & calls management, and annotating tasks.

Performance activities pertain to tracking performance and fulfillment of assigned tasks. In context these should allow for tracking by time, cost control, stakeholders and priority; charts, exportable reports, status updates, deadline adjustments, and activity logging.

Report activities pertain to the presentation of information regarding the other five activities listed, including graphical display.

Client Access
Login details can be given to client also so that any time they can login and see the status of their assignment given to you. It add percentage to their satisfaction level and you get relief from client calls at every day to tell them the status of assignment. Even it helps to make aware the status work and expected delivery date of project. So no one will be in dark and everyone is aware that what is happening and what next action to be taken as per current situation of the task, no need to break the head at last movement when hardly anything remains to try.