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Save 30 minutes per employee per day and get over 10 times roi by using HRMS more than 180 reasons to opt for world class InfowanHR over any other hr and payroll software in the world

Features Payroll HRMS
Payroll Software

Process payroll, in a matter of minutes on one click

Attendance & Leave

Applying and managing leaves, made easy

Employee Self Service

All your information, at one place.

Mobile App

Now Access information Anytime, Anywhere on Android

Travel Management

Time efficient Travel Expense handling. Tracking expenses

Expense Management

Expense management made easier with increased flexibility

Task and Time Sheet

Single data collection platform for all timesheet records.

Talent & Performance

Performance evaluation is a systematic activity which helps

Training Management

Speed up your employees learning the process

Self Onboarding

An Onboarding Management Software is a computer program


Easy step to handle the complete interview proces


InfowanHR exit management system is designed to help

Other Products

Fingerprint, Face Based Biometric & RFID Proximity Reader Attendance Machine made simple with seamless automation for employee time & attendance management. Our biometric attendance devices are easy to install and affordable thus reducing non productive activities.

ERP Solution

Inventory Software with Invoicing for Manufacturing and Trading Business. Sales, Purchase Receipt, Payment Stock Inward, Outward Manufacturing Process Invoice, Delivery Challan Print Outstanding, Production and Stock Status.

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Interesting articles
  • Payroll HRMS Software

    HRMS full form: Human Resource Management System, also known as a Human Resource Information System (HRIS system) is a comprehensive technology solution designed to simplify and automate various HR processes within an organization. It serves as a centralized repository for managing employee data, automating HR tasks, and effective workforce management. As more and more tasks are automated, HR business partners will have more time to focus on strategic initiatives backed up by data insights of the organizations.

  • Why small businesses should shift to payroll HR software in India?

    According to a survey conducted by InfowanHR 80% of small businesses and 20% of medium businesses in India, manage employee payroll on spreadsheets and folders. Small medium-size enterprises have different IT requirements compared to large enterprises. As a result, they tend to have a less number of employees and operate with a smaller budget when it comes to spending money on human resources.

  • Why shifting to cloud-based HRMS from on-premise desktop HRMS is important?

    Cloud-based HR software is a type of software that is hosted on remote servers and accessed through the Internet. This type of software offers many advantages over traditional on-premise HR software, such as easier access, scalability, cost savings, and increased security. With cloud-based HR software, organizations can streamline their HR processes, manage employee data more efficiently, and improve collaboration among HR teams. Additionally, cloud-based HR software can provide employees with self-service options, such as accessing their pay slips and benefits information, which can save HR teams time and resources.

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