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Travel Management

Link claims with payroll compliance engine to help employees receive claims and travel expenses instantly with InfowanHR Claims Management Software (CLM). The single repository allows for easier validation of employee efforts and their claims by your HR and administration teams.

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Key Features of Travel Management
Travel Plan
  • Employee can raise travel request along with individual preferences
  • Combined request for ticketing, visa, hotel & cab reservations, foreign currency purchase etc
  • Multi-level! multi-department approval workflow management
  • After approval request send to Travel Desk for booking
  • Booking Confirmation from travel desk
  • Employee will raise travel advance request
  • Simplified, Powerful Business Travel and Expense (T&E) software
  • Smooth out big business travel and expense system give mechanized work process from travel/lodging/taxi appointments in India or anyplace on the planet with solicitations management to repayment
Travel Policies
  • Hilghly configuration travel policies through Flight, Train, Bus & Cab
  • Hotel booking policies as per city and grade
  • Approval limit configuration & auto approval
  • Alert for out of policy transactions
Claim and Reimbursement
  • Advance payment request and approval
  • Travel expnese claim and disbursement
  • Assume responsibility for your business finances with HRMS's One-stop Expense Management Software
  • Our All-In-One Expense Management Software for organizations assists with your online expense management by taking care of the entirety of your expenses, approvals, and repayments
  • Bring all your operational expenses on one stage. Asset, follow, and oversee them online, from any portable or work area gadget
  • Tracking expenses inside your business not just permits you to control worker spending, it additionally permits you to forestall superfluous expenses and recuperate costs identifying with projects, deals openings, and then some
Cost Benefit
  • Solution automates the entire process from request submission to reimbursement. It is built with features making it easy for employee to spend less time creating, approving, reimbursing travel expenses while gaining insights into business spends. It's integrated travel booking solution (self booking tools) allow employee to book on the go.
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