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Attendance and Leave Management

Auto sync your attendance devices with InfowanHR software and never make any manual entry for attendance. Alternatively, import attendance data of thousands of employees within minutes with excel import option.

Plan, apply, and track your leave status online with robust leave management software enabled with workflows. View complete history of your leaves, apply for desired type of leaves, and get regular updates on approval/ rejection of your leaves on your email.

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Key Features of Attendance & Leave Management
Time and Attendance
  • Extensive Shift Management
  • Support for multiple shifts
  • Shift management with automatic rotation
  • Easy shift rostering by line managers for their teams
  • Sophisticated business rules for attendance exceptions
  • Definable Holiday Calender
  • Holiday selection option for restricted holidays
  • Highly Configurable Policies
  • Penalize unauthorized absence, late in, early out, shortfall, etc
  • Flexi hours support
  • Multiple attendance policies for different groups
  • Customizable weekends
  • Automatic Attendance Processing
  • Attendance regularization work-flow
  • Manual override facility
  • Continuous absence alerts
  • Month end HR review and finalization facility
  • Overtime Management
  • Flexible Overtime payouts and eligibility policies
  • Assign policies to employees by categories (department, location etc)
  • Apply Overtime in bulk or for individual employee
  • The attendance module offers adaptable choices with the goal that you can set working hours, shift timings, etc
  • you can likewise set separate working hours and settings for every worker too utilizing the expert subtleties
Mobile Based Attendance
  • Online attendance marking
  • Mobile attendance marking
  • GPS based mobile attendance marking
  • Geo Fencing Punches
  • GPS Location Tracking on punch
  • Selfie option while punch
  • Attendance reports
  • Multiple mobile punches with remarks
Biometric Integration
  • Attendance device integration with any brand and any model through communication software database
  • Real-time attendance handling with different alternatives for attendance catching and biometric equipment
  • Kiosk mode, from which the representative can check his attendance utilizing the PIN or swiping the ID card
  • Incorporate thumbing or face detection biometric gadgets, guarantee faultless, and consistent attendance catching
  • Centralized attendance of multiple locations
  • Monthly summarized attendane also can be imported through excel sheet
  • Punches and be imported throuh excel file
  • Bulk punch changes facility
Leave Management
  • Online leave application and review
  • Leave Credit, Encashment request & Approval
  • Approver’s Level can be set as per company’s requirement
  • In case of zero balance of leaves Blocking/Allowing facility is available
  • Minimum/ Maximum number of Leaves in one instance can be controlled
  • Email intimation facility while submit, accepted, rejected & cancelled leaves applications
  • Tracking of leaves applied, approved, rejected & cancelled is available
  • Auto posting of approved leaves in attendance module for salary processing
Attendance Reports
  • Daily attendance register
  • Attendance muster generation
  • Comprehensive Overtime register with hours and earnings
  • Detailed Overtime payslips with hours and earnings breakup
  • Report builder to generate attendance reports
  • Holiday List as per location and employees
  • Late coming, early going and OT Reports
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