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InfowanHR exit management system is designed to help employees get the benefit of an error-free disengagement process. Clear any perceptions of employee harassment and enable a smooth transition.

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Key Features of E-Separation
Automate Employee Separation Process
  • Setup proper workflows and clearance requirements to ensure a compliant separation process.
  • Maintain good relationships with disengaging employees by simplifying the whole process.
  • View employee lifecycle stats to better understand and minimize employee attrition.
  • Allows users to initiate a request for E-Separation with features like online resignations, separations, and online absconders.
  • Create multiple categories to group employee’s exit clearance in the system. Access unlimited Clearance Process Grouping Features.
  • Create multiple clearance items and no dues checklist across different Roles, Departments, and SBUs, etc.
  • For each Clearance Category, setup clearance owners allowing them to authorize the pending clearance checklist for separated employees.
  • Configurable E-Seperation Formula Builder for PF, Gratuity, allowances, and unprocessed loans. Generate E-Seperation Statements post-processing.
Exit Process
  • Employee can submit online exit request
  • Request can be accepted or rejected by HOD
  • Exist request will be sent to department heads for clearance
  • Department heads can track receivables from employees if any
  • On clearance application will be sent for further action
  • Auto transfer of data for Full & Final calculation
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