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Core HR
Employee Information
Interactive Employee Profile
Reporting hierarchy with Organization Chart
HR and CEO dashboards
Employee assets tracking
Know Your Employee (KYC)
Employee identity information along with validity date
Validation of Aadhar and PAN
Documents Management
Employee identity card print
Automatic filing of generated letters to the document store
Online access to all issued letters and documents
Store digital or scanned copies of employee documents
Bulk document upload
Letters Management
Employee letter preparation in a few clicks with mail merge
Emailing and automatic letter filing in employee records
Configurable automatic serial numbering of letters
User define able fields for maximum flexibility
Letter ready templates
Employee Communication
Help Desk with internal ticketing system
Mass Communication to groups of employees by mail / SMS
Centralized contact information of all employees
News Manager, Survery Manager and Poll Manager
Reminders and Alerts
Welcome message on dashboard for new joiner
Automated greeting cards with define able templates
Fully configurable notification templates
Email, SMS, popup and mobile notifications
Company Policies and Forms
Publish all company policies and employee handbook
Publish all commonly required forms & templates
Group-wise configuration of applicable documents
User Definable Salary Structure
Highly customizable salary structure for any industry
Unlimited salary components with multiple calculations
Payroll Inputs
Automatic leave inputs from attendance module
Automatic attendance inputs from attendance module
Automatic loan and advances EMI inputs with interest calculation
Lumpsum inputs (one time payment)
Excel import for leave, attendance, loan & lum sum inputs
Full-fledged arrears processing
Full and Final settlements
Stop payment with release feature
Loans and Salary Advances
define able loan and salary advance policies
Apply for and approve loans online
Salary advance with auto deduction in next payroll
Fixed rate interest, EMI, no interest, reducing balance
Auto calculation and deductions in payroll
Pause or change EMI of loan deductions for a specific month
Automatic closure on completion of repayment
Report on principal, interest and balance amount
Bulk advance process with no recovery option
Multiple levels of approval managers
Payroll Processing
Single click payroll process
Payroll processing for selected checklist
Single payslip edit with manual change option
Month lock feature to close payroll processing
Makers and Checkers
Easy export to Excel facility
Definable salary register and payroll statements
Payroll comparison and difference analysis
Approval system before salary disbursement
Statutory Compliance
PF calculations with ECR generation
PF forms and reports
ESI computations with forms and reports
Professional Tax with all state specific rules built in
Labour Welfare Fund as per different state
Income Tax (TDS) calculations
Income Tax declarations
TDS Projection with old and new regime
Form 15 and Form 12 BA
Digitally signed Form 16 generation
Bonus calculations and reporting
Payslip Generation
Multiple payslip formats
Download payslips into a single or multiple PDF files and distribute by email
Enable payslip view via employee portal or mobile
Separate reimbursement payslips
Payroll Reports
MIS reports
Reconciliation reports
Define able statement / salary register / wage register
Advance report builder
Salary analytics
Bonus and Gratuity details
Digitally signed payslips
CTC statement
Accounts JV
Extensive Excel output capabilities
Inbuilt formats for Tally, ERP and SAP
Definable Accounts JV with split by cost centre, location etc
PayNow - Salary Transfer
ECR file generation for direct salary transfers to employees bank account
Payout and Disbursements
Multiple payment modes - cash, cheque, bank transfer
Release payments in batches with selected criteria
Reports on cash, cheque and bank payments
Travel & Expense Management
Travel Management
Travel policies
Accommodation policies
Trip entry and approval
Multiple travel desk
Travel desk access
Expense Management
Monthly / annual entitlements
Claim processing with limit checking
Excess claims tracking and set-off feature
Online reimbursement claim workflow
Multiple expense heads
Define able expense policies as per grade
Expense voucher
Multiple approval matrix based on claim types and amounts
Tour advances request and review
Expense Payouts
Defining of various expense and approval limits
Various expense mis reports
Cost Benefit
Field Force Connect
Do you face same problem as other sales managers
Identify genuine and fake client’s visits?
Too much paper work?
Multiple excel reports?
Unable to monitor field force performance?
Unable to Verify work done and real time tracking?
Lack of Instant report generation and meeting updates?
Lack of Instant order placement from the field
Imagine if you can
Eliminate paper work and manual data entry in excel.
Track your work-force using real time GPS monitoring features.
Plan visit which can be seen by field employee on easy to use app while starting the day.
Update sales meeting and make a report of daily activities on app.
Take attendance directly from the field.
Increase sales team efficiency by 50%. - Integrate all field activities with task tracking utility.
Territory coverage/frequency report on fingertips.
Automate expense reimbursement
Introducing Field Force Connect
To maintain an efficient field force we have launched a software system which helps to track the field workforce automatically using GPS features.
Sales organization can see exact locations of their employees on punch through mobile.
Get actual report and meeting updates instantly that helps to increase productivity and enhance business growth
How field force can benefit from Field Force Connect?
Punch attendance directly from the field.
Create lead with important information and save them on a priority basis like COLD,WARM, HOT etc. or time basis.
Get reminder of the meeting updates on email.
Check important tasks assigned by manager.
Record daily activities.
Check total hours of working in a day and no. of working days.
Check attendance summary reports and highlight discrepancies real time instead of last moment on pay day
How manager benefits from the Field Force Connect?
Track real-time GPS location of each employee on punch.
Admin can set any location for a particular user In advance.
Circulate important information and assign task to the employees immediately
Admin can get meeting updates directly in report format
Admin can see all the user’s hierarchy working under him/her as a team.
Admin can save total working hour in a day and set the holidays.
Admin can Continuously monitor sales performance in daily basis Uses of Field Force Connect in the sales field
Track the real time location of your field employees on punch.
Get instant status and corporate meeting updates in report form.
Assign/generate leads and save according to the priority basis/time basis.
Monitor and control daily activities of the sales.
Check the total working days and working hours.
Save time and expenses for the organization
Result of our existing clients
30% Reporting time of the field force is reduced
100% Paperwork & back office expenses is eliminated for order management
100% Paperwork & back office expenses is eliminated for order management
Leave Management
User define able Leave Policies
Multiple leave types (PL, CL, SL, Comp Off, Maternity, etc.)
Multiple types of leave transactions
Holiday lists - Location and Project based
Restricted (optional) holidays facility
Multiple leave policies for different group of employees
Customizable leave policy for each leave type
Manage Balance and Transactions
Automatic maintaining of leave balances
Year end processing (lapsing, carry-forward, etc.)
Online leave application and review with Multi-Level Approval Workflow
Automatic Leave laps and credit facility
Employee Workflows
Employee Helpdesk
Online employee ticket raise, reply and resolution
Multiple categories of queries
Category-based reports
SLA tracking & detailed reports
Confirmation Workflow
Define able auto-initiated confirmations
Confirmation and probation extension policies
Confirmation letters generation and auto email
Attendance Management
Swipe Capture from Varied Sources
Online attendance marking
Mobile attendance marking
Geo Fencing - Attendance Marking from pre-defined locations
Location Tracking on Punch, GEO Tagging, Selfie & Remarks
Integration with biometric devices
Shift Management
Support for multiple shifts (regular & flexible)
Shift management with automatic rotation
Shift rostering by reporting managers for their teams
Shift Category
Highly configurable attendance policies
Penalize unauthorized absence, late in, early out, shortfall, etc.
Flexi hours support
Multiple attendance policies for different groups
Define able weekends and partial weekly off
Attendance Processing
Automatic daily attendance processing
Attendance regularization workflow
Manual punch and shift regularization
Continuous absence popup alerts and email
Month-end HR review and finalization facility
Attendance muster generation
Overtime Management
Multiple overtime policies
Assign policies to employees by criteria selection
Apply Overtime in bulk or for individual employee
Detailed overtime register with hours and earnings
Overtime payslips with hours and earnings breakup
Overtime breakup facility with define able parameters
Attendance Permissions
Short leave policies
Short leave application and approval
Task Management
Task & Time Sheet
Dashboard, Alerts and Reminders
Single data collection platform for all timesheet records
Track by clients, projects, or any other category
View productivity of each employee
Tag projects / clients / other categories to each record
Get a daily / weekly / monthly view of time spent
Real-time collaboration across departments
Billing can be fixed, user defined based on per hour rate per employees in the project
Manager can fill the time sheet for their subordinates
Performance Management
Talent & Performance
Goal Settings
Continuous Feedback
360 Degree Feedback
9 Box Matrix
Employee & Team Performance
Learning and Development
Training Management
 Learning Plans
Multiple Course Types
Cost Management
Feedback & Outcome
Career Page
Internal Job Posting
Job Opening
 Recruiter assignment
Candidate Sourcing
Candidate Lifecycle
Offer letter
Candidate Engagement
Employee Self Onboarding
Onboarding of Employees
Workflows for Admin Review
Onboarding request to employees
Details filling along with document attachments by employee
Approval by authorized manager
Final acceptance and taking to payroll
e-Separation (Exit Management)
Paperless exit management
Online resignation application and approval
Full and Final projection
Definable multi-department clearance
Exit interview and resignation acceptance
Exit Dashboard with final settlement
Employee Portal (Web and Mobile app)
Employee Portal - Core HR
Employee profile
Access to own documents and letters
Access to company policies, handbook, forms, etc.
Mobile app (Android & IOS) for employees and managers
Employee Portal - Leave
Leave application and review
Leave cancellation workflow
Online leave balances and details
Team leave information
Team leave Applicable holidays list
Optional holiday selection
Employee Portal - Payroll
Online payslips
TDS Projection
TDS declarations
Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP) Declaration
Reimbursement claims
Reimbursement statements
Online reimbursement claims and review
Payroll information like loan, salary, increment, PF, etc.
Employee Portal - Travel & Expense
Trip entry and approval
Advance request
Expense voucher
Expense and payment status
Employee Portal - Attendance
System punch in and punch out
Attendance regularization
Team attendance information for managers
Detailed attendance information
Attendance calendar
Employee Portal - Task
Checklists for task and time sheet
Built-in & User-configurable input fields
Task assign, reply and closing
Time sheet report as per task, client, project etc.
Alerts and Reminders on Pending Tasks
Employee Portal - Performance
Employee Portal - Performance
KRA entry and freeze
Self ratings along with other information
HOD Ratings
Appraisal acceptance and final ratings
Employee Portal - Training
Training request and approval
Skills test
Multiple training session
feedback and result of training
Employee Portal - Recruitment
Job posting
Career page
Job reference and apply
Employee Portal - Onboarding
Self profile updating
Various document submission
Acceptance status
Employee Portal - Exit Management
Full and final status
Access & User Management
Standard, admin & audit type users
User-definable roles and module access
Unlimited admin users
Password validity policy configuration
Detailed user activities logging and reporting of all activities
IP Restriction for Access Control to Application
Extensive Excel import & Export Facility
Software Support
Software Setup and Support
Software implementation
Software Training
In-build support ticket
Telephonic and email support
Employee Profile
Document Management
Leave Management
Loans and Salary Advances
Payroll Inputs
Payroll Processing
Statutory Compliance (PF/ESIC/PT/LWF)
Payroll Reports
Accounts Journal Voucher
Payout and Disbursements
Employee Assets Tracking
Audit Log

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