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It can manage your Sales Leads in more better way. It has in-build Robotic features by which most of the works done automatically from Sales Lead Follow-Up to Order Conversion.

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Key Features of Sales CRM
Brief Features
  • It saves more than 80% time of your Sales Team which they give for Sales Lead Follow-Up
  • It also helps to convert at-least 25% more Sales Leads into Sales Order
  • Make clear awareness about status of sales enquiries to higher authorities
  • It gives relief from pain of daily struggle for approaching to buyers and not able to connect them due to several reasons
  • It has in-build Employee Tracking System by which one can know the reporting time and location of outdoor employees
Detailed Features
  • Sales CRM features like Sales Opportunity Management, Contact Management & Correspondence Management give you absolute clarity of the progress of your sales leads, leading to increased individual efficiencies & productivity resulting in higher conversion of prospective leads into confirmed orders.
  • Various permutations of the available reports in Sales Lead Management put you in total control of your sales & provide critical inputs to plan your marketing strategy.
Sales CRM helps in
  • Provides effective control over sales follow up/activities
  • Tracks & Automates correspondence including emails
  • Manages your suspect / prospect/customer information
  • Makes follow up fool proof
  • Increases your hold over the sales opportunities
  • Manages all enquiry documents/activities at one place
  • Automates reporting
  • Provides precise Sales MIS & Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Monitors sales team performance
  • Enhances sales manager managerial skills.
  • Contact Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Correspondence Automation & Management
  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Activities/ Follow UP Management
  • Marketing Collaterals Management
  • Template Management
  • Quotation & other Document Management
  • Greeting Management
  • MIS Reports & Sales Funnel Analysis
Pre-Sales Activities
  • There is provision to enter the pre-sales activities done by sales team on daily basis like telemarketing, digital marketing, presentation, client visits etc
  • At the end of day team leader can see the activities in detailed done by sales staff and analyze of interested and not interested clients
  • After telemarketing there is provision to send email on one click to make aware them about products in more better way
  • It is help full to do the cost benefit analysis of pre-sales team on per day basis
Manual Follow-up
  • There is also manual follow-up system given in very informative way to know the status of enquiry at each stage and decide the further strategy
  • Here one can know the number of follow-ups done by email, sms and manual with dates
  • Entire follow-up Up and Down history with amount of efforts given by each sales person an be monitored
External Follow-up
  • There are various automatic follow-up schedules can be configured in enquiry type
  • Various message template given in the software which can be edited or added more
  • As per the follow-up schedule given to a particular enquiry, it will pickup the different message template, insert the client necessary information and it will be sent to clients via Email and SMS
  • This activities is such that a person sitting on computer and doing the follow-up for sales enquiry manually
  • The advantage of this that the follow-up of all enquiries will be done on time without missing a single enquiry
  • The follow-up also can be continued for long time which is not possible in personal follow-up case
  • The schedule also can be configured in such a way that the number of follow-ups will be more in the beginning and it will go on decreasing as per days ie in the beginning it may send the follow-up reminders every 3rd or 5th day and after few month it may send one reminder in 15days or in one month
  • The motto is that it will keep remembering the buyers till end for long and long time so that if there is even very less chance then also it can be converted to order
  • Internal Follow-Up with Higher Authorities Sale Enquiry Category :
  • Multiple categories can be created and configured for different automatic task by Email/SMS as under:
Reminders & Alerts
  • If enquiry not attended within given days then intimate to Senior so that he can know the reasons from concern person
  • If enquiry not converted to order within specified days then intimate to Senior so that he can understand the situation and take the proper decision before loosing order
  • If enquiry not converted to order within given days then transfer the enquiry to Senior Sales Person so that he gets chance to use his expertise on in his own or different way to finalized the order
  • If enquiry not converted to order within specified days then transfer the enquiry randomly to next Senior Sales Person. The enquiry will remain with him for given days and if he also failed to convert it to order then it will be re-transferred to next senior sales person. This way it will keep on rotating to each sales person for few days and all will get chance to use their expertise to convert it to order
  • Different people have different abilities so some of the ability may work somewhere and the enquiry may get convert to order by this process
Automatic Greeting System
  • There is in-build greeting system with user definable different greeting formats
  • The person who has enquired for your products, it will keep on remembering them by sending nice greeting messages on different occasions. So that even if he is not currently interested to buy your products then also he will be always aware about your Products and Company. If any need arise in future for him or for his any of friend circle, he may come back to you or refer your company
Contact Management
  • Buyer details will be stored with their complete contact information
  • Details will be stored of all enquired product along with buyers
  • All Documents like Enquiry, Quotation, Revised Enquiry, Revised Quotation will be stored
  • Follow-Up history at different level with communication details of Sales Person
  • This information may be use full in maintaining long term relationship with huge business crowds
  • There are many more things in the software like Sales Target, Agent, Distributor, Enquiry Source, Daily Outdoor Expenses, Outdoor Employee Tracking etc.
  • Server : Software is available on Cloud Server which can be accessed from anywhere anytime. It can be loaded to your local office server or on your web server also
  • Updates : We keep on collecting the feedback from our existing clients, do the changes and the same distributed to all clients free of cost
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