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Expense management made easier with increased flexibility & smart check; leaving no room for fraud or double entry. We make your expenses more structured, effortless and well timed!

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Key Features of Expense Management
Flexi Policy
  • Create different expense categories like flight, local conveyance, daily allowances & define their respective limits. You can also define limits basis locations.
  • Don’t stick to single policies, define as many policies as you wish as per employee grades, seniority or positions for different departments with our expense tracking software.
  • Set amount limit for the advance request raised by employees. You can also mention the outstanding advance balance limit in the policy so as to ensure no new advance request is raised without utilising the previous advance funds optimally.
  • Use the policy setting in the HR software to mark the expiry time for old claim requests using the expense management software. For instance, you can mention if an employee can raise a claim request for 5, 3, or 2 months old claim later or not.
  • Mention as to how frequently you wish to clear expense payments- once, twice or more in a month? You can choose a cycle and fix a date for payments. Everything is synced with your payroll software
Expense Receipts
  • Let your Employees add their expense receipt in real time in InfowanHR through web and mobile, and share complete expense report for approval with you.
  • Don’t worry for the expenses not covered in policies. The system lets you create and define workflows for all the exceptional expense approvals.
  • Learn which expenses are billable to your customers, trace the entire expense costs for your project by looking at the logged expenses by employees.
  • Using our expense management software, employees can raise expense advance requests with a supporting document with ease. Requests are approved as per the workflow.
  • The smart check run by system ensures fraud management, by disallowing employees to log redundant claims and expense claims not adhering to policies.
Expense Payouts
  • Once expense receipts are received, select payout mode (cash/bank account) for the respective employee and clear all payout requests in a single click.
  • Our Expense Management Software auto adjusts any advance payouts against the actual receipts without your manual interventions so that you can focus on other relevant tasks.
  • The system automagically segregates reimbursable and non reimbursable payouts logged by the Employee to stop you from paying for the expenses you have already given advanced amount for.
  • Just mention the currency conversion rates and enable InfowanHR HRMS software to convert the expenses done in some other country into the base currency.
Cost Benefit
  • Solution automates the entire process from request submission to reimbursement. It is built with features making it easy for employee to spend less time creating, approving, reimbursing travel expenses while gaining insights into business spends. It's integrated travel booking solution (self booking tools) allow employee to book on the go.
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