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Inventory Management

Inventory Software with Invoicing for Manufacturing and Trading Business. Sales, Purchase Receipt, Payment Stock Inward, Outward Manufacturing Process Invoice, Delivery Challan Print Outstanding, Production and Stock Status.

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Key Features of Inventory Management
Master Records
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Tax
  • Category
  • Location
  • Batch
  • Location, Batch, Customer wise Item Rate etc.
  • Items / Products Photo can be saved with each Item
  • Customers, Items & Categories will be Imported from
  • Excel Sheet so no need of wasting time in re-entering data
  • Product wise Inquiry & Quotation Entry
  • Purchase Order Received
  • Sales Order Generated
  • Purchase Entry
  • Sales Entry
  • Goods Inward and Outward
  • Purchase & Sales Return
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Transfer & Manufacturing Process
  • Bill of Material, Requisition Slips
  • Sales Invoice & Delivery Challan Print
  • Daily Follow-up System for Inquiry & Quotation
  • List of Pending and Materialized Inquiries
  • Analysis of Inquiries at various level
  • Collection against Sales, Outstanding Bills
  • Stock Summary and Register between any given date range
  • Purchase, Purchase Return, Sales & Sales Return Register
  • Re-Order level prediction and Report
  • Slow and Fast Moving Items
  • Purchase Order (Issued, Received & Balance)
  • Sales Order (Received, Delivered & Balance)
  • Tax Register against Purchase and Sale
  • Opening Stock, Item Ledger & Various Stock Reports
  • Category and Location wise Stock Reports
  • Daily Backup on Exit of Software so NO LOSS OF DATA
  • User wise Transaction Recording System (Edited by & Date)
  • User Activities Recording System
  • All Reports available on Screen & Exportable to Excel
  • Receivables and Payables Customer wise
  • Company Logo In Invoice and Challan Print
  • In-Build Email facility for Invoice and other documents
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