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Eliminate wasted time and crowded lobbies without ignoring the importance of office security or the need to make a good impression.

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Key Features of Fixed Asset
Streamlined check-in process

Office guests often arrive for scheduled meetings only to line up and wait. Visitor management system software eliminates these headaches. Connections to service kiosks and iPads makes it easy for guests to pre-register, with arrival notifications sent to the appropriate employees. And with forms saved to the database, you can welcome back returning visitors with personalized messaging.

Manage pre-visit communications

Thanks to visitor management system software, you can start to establish a positive relationship with a visitor before their arrival. With all of the visitor information easily accessible and archived, employees can stop on top of documents and details to send guests ahead of time, which creates a more personalized, productive visitor experience.

Contact tracing with organized digital logs

Say goodbye to the days of paper logs. By maintaining digital records of everyone that visits your workplace, you’ll have an easier way to contact individuals in the case of an incident as well as know if someone is still in the building at the end of the day.

Analyze office visitor trends

Which kinds of visitors are coming into your office? Which lobby are they using most often? Easily find these answers with iOFFICE visitor management software. From these insights, you can take action to streamline the guest experience and manage who comes into your buildings.

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