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We are dealing in High-end Payroll HRMS Software which can be sold on your brand ie it will be as good as your own in-house product InfowanHR An End to end HR & payroll solution fit. It covers all aspects of HR of any business of an organization

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Onboard them to InfowanHR and Automate Payroll and HR

It is even less than ₹ 1 per employee per day to go from Excel to cloud and mobile app

InfowanHR a HR & payroll solution in the cost simplified manner that can be deployed for any nature and format of HR & Payroll management in an organization of any size Micro, Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise.

  • Payroll Software
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Employee Self Service
  • Mobile App
  • Travel Management
  • Expense Management
  • Task and Time Sheet
  • Talent & Performance
  • Training Management
  • Self Onboarding
  • Recruitment
  • E-Separation

Available on Android, iOS and the Web.

Partner Commercials

Partner Type First Year Royalty Second Year Onwards Royalty
Referral Partner **% **%
Sales Partner **% **%
Sales & Implementation **% **%

Note: Royalty will be calculated on order value excluding taxes, against payment receipt. There will not be any royalty on customization charges since customization charges becomes high as compare to software cost so we do customization on cost to cost basis. Client interaction and minimum one order conversion should be there in every year to continue the partnership.

₹90 Cr Of Partnership Revenues To Be Earned

Get 20% to 50% of the revenue you generate for InfowanHR

Companies Onboarded **
Average Employee Strength ***
Total Employees Onboarded ****
Annual Revenue Generated ₹ *,**,***
Your Revenue upto to 50% ₹ *,**,***/-
Partner Type 1st Year 2nd Year Onward
Refferal ₹ *,**,*** ₹ *,**,***
Sales ₹ *,**,*** ₹ *,**,***
Sales & Implementation ₹ *,**,*** ₹ *,**,***

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Welcome Kit

  • Software Demo Link
  • Marketing Materials
  • Lead locking facility
  • Product and Sales training
  • Channel sales manager support
  • Joint sales call while client demo
  • Infowan team will help at any level as and when required

Who can become a partner?

Who wants to work as a freelancer/ Consultant/ Part Timer. A person who has very good networking skills and work experience in corporate sales. B2B Sales, Business Development, can become our partner. However, it’s easier for you to show results, as a partner, if you

  • Already sell or service any software packages
  • Provide biometric and other attendance hardware/ software systems
  • Have a consulting business for taxation and payroll
  • Provide HR services to your customers
  • Sell cloud applications to your customers
  • Provide IT consultations to your existing customers