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The thing with payroll software solutions is that they can ease the burden of your payroll and that too with one click. There is nothing to deny the fact that the process of payroll management is a complicated one. This is because of the huge amount of calculations that you have to do in this regard. You also need to keep in mind that many statutory compliance requirements are very important in this regard. With the help of payroll software, you can take care of these as well. You can be sure that these solutions are stress-free and complexly accurate.

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Key Features of Payroll Software
Core HR
  • Employee Info Management
  • Configure multiple policies in one umbrella
  • An extensive employee database as a system of record
  • Reporting hierarchy with organization chart
  • Employee directory
  • HR and CEO dashboards
  • Approval process multiple level
  • Employee promotion and transfer
  • Fully configurable notification templates (mail, SMS, etc.)
  • SMS and mobile push notifications
  • Ready-made HR MIS reports
  • Extensive Labour Law reports
  • Publish all company policies and employee handbook
  • Publish all commonly required forms & templates
  • Group-wise targeting of published documents
  • Create multiple roles along with various rights
Reminders and Alerts
  • Employee Communication
  • Mass Communication to groups of employees by mail / SMS
  • Social HR - employee messaging system
  • Group-wise targeting of communication
  • Reminders and Alerts on various steps
  • Automated greeting cards on dashboard
  • Notifications by social feeds
  • Highly customizable reminders and alerts system
  • Thought of the day & announcement Setup
Document Management
  • Store digital or scanned copies of employee's documents
  • Bulk document upload
  • Know Your Employee (KYC)
  • Store various employee identity information
  • Track verified status (Aadhar verified, PAN verified, etc.)
Letter Management
  • Employee letter preparation in a few clicks
  • Automatic filing of generated letters to the document store
  • Online access to all issued letters and documents
  • Emailing and automatic letter filing in employee records
  • Automatic serial numbering of letters
  • Letter gallery with prebuilt formats
  • Custom fields for maximum flexibility
Leave Management
  • Fully Customizable Leave Policies
  • Unlimited leave types (annual, privilege, maternity, etc.)
  • Supports multiple types of leave transactions
  • Yearly Credit of Leave Pro-rata basis
  • Monthly Increment of Leave! Pro-rata basis
  • Multiple holiday lists as per location
  • Restricted (optional) holidays support
  • Multiple leave policies for different group of employees
  • Customizable leave policy for each leave type
  • Automatic tracking of leave balances
  • Easy year end processing (lapsing, carry-forward, etc.)
  • Yearly & Monthly Leave ledgers are available for cross verification of leaves
Loans and Salary Advances
  • Multiple Loans and Advances can be created
  • Salary advance with auto deduction in next payroll
  • Manage company loans to employees
  • Fixed rate interest, EMI, no interest, reducing balance options
  • Auto calculation and deductions in payroll
  • Pause loan deductions for a specified period
  • Automatic closure on completion of repayment
  • Ability to report on principal and interest portions
  • Loan prepayment and balloon payment features
  • Automatic calculation of loan perquisite
Payroll Inputs
  • Automatic leave inputs from other InfowanHR modules
  • Automatic attendance inputs from other InfowanHR modules
  • Biometric attendance summary import through excel sheet
  • Required data import through excel sheet
  • Increments as per given parameters
  • One time payment hand deductions
  • Final settlements
  • Full fledged arrears processing
  • Salary freez with release feature
  • Salary analytics
Payroll Processing
  • Faster Processing on one click
  • Guided payroll processing with checklist
  • Lock feature to close payroll processing
  • Cycle worker’s attendance data into Payroll effectively
  • Verification and Reconciliations
  • Highly customizable salary register and payroll statements
  • Extensive reconciliations tools
  • Payroll comparison and difference analysis
  • Payslip Generation and Distribution
  • Payslip gallery with multiple payslip formats
  • One click payslip distribution
  • Download payslips into a single or multiple PDF files and distribute by email
  • Distribute payslips via employee portal or mobile
  • Separate reimbursement payslips
Statutory Compliance
  • PF calculations with ECR generation
  • PF Challan, Form12A, Form 5, Form 10, Form 6A, Form 3A, Form 7 & Form 11
  • ESI computations and ECR generation
  • ESI Challan, ESI Summay, Form 5, Form 7, Form 7 (Half yearly) and Form R
  • Profession Tax with all state specific rules built in
  • Profession Tax Challan, Sheet, Summary and Returns
  • Labour Welfare fund calculation and deductions
  • LWF Challan, Sheet, Summary and Form 11
  • Bonus calculations and reporting
  • Gratuity calculations and reporting
  • Configuration for fixing minimum rates of wages
  • Overtime as per the Factory Act & Payment of Wages Act
Income Tax (TDS)
  • Comprehensive TDS (IT) calculations
  • Form 16 and TDS Projection
  • Approval of TDS declaration given by employees
  • Calculation of TDS based on the declared investment
  • HRA calculation based on Metro and Non-Metro cities
  • Easy Form 24Q generation and automatic FVU validation
  • Configuration and calculation of TDS based on the salary component and deduct TDS under section 192
Payroll Reports
  • Statutory reports
  • Reconciliation reports
  • MIS reports
  • Customizable payroll statement / salary register / wage register
  • Salary analytics
  • Report builder
  • Reports under Shops and Establishment Acts of various states
  • Reports under CLRA Act of various states
  • Form 16 and Form 24Q files with FVU validation
  • Cost to Company with multiple option
  • Configurable Salary Structure
  • Highly customizable salary structure for any industry
  • Unlimited salary components
  • Multiple level calculation formula can be defined
Accounts Journal Voucher
  • Extensive Excel output capabilities
  • Inbuilt formats for Tally and SAP
  • Highly configurable Accounts JV with split by cost center/employees
Payout and Disbursements
  • Handle multiple payment modes - cash, cheque, bank transfer
  • All major bank transfer electronic formats built-in
  • Facility to release payments in batches
  • Facility to track status for cash and cheque payments
Employee Assets Tracking
  • Asset given to employees like Mobile, Laptop, Uniforms etc
  • Asset received back from them
  • Asset lying with them
  • Asset stock availabilities
  • Asset cost management
Audit Log
  • Employee activities recodring and audit logs
  • Details of records added, deleted & modified
  • Datails of changes done on each document
  • Entire user activities data on given date
Help Desk
  • Raise ticket on any issues
  • Ticket replies on the same
  • Ticket status and action taken
  • Ticket subject master
  • Ticket attendee initialization
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